Christopher Coutanceau

Passionate about the sea and a sailor since childhood, the chef from La Rochelle, who was awarded a third Michelin star in 2020, is a fervent advocate of sustainable fishing and anti-wasteful cooking. Every morning, at the fish auction, the "cook-fisherman" chooses with love and care the most beautiful products from local fishing : shellfish, crustaceans and line fish with a priority, that of strictly respecting the seasons of the sea, excluding from his menu endangered species or those in breeding season. A cuisine from the sea to the plate.

On his semi-rigid as soon as he has the opportunity, the chief has always applied the rules of respectful fishing. Today, it is important to him, through his job and his passion, to raise awareness of the cause of marine resource preservation. Christopher Coutanceau collaborates with many associations. As an activist for small-scale fishing, he fought alongside Bloom to obtain a ban on deep-sea trawling and a ban on electric fishing in Europe. On the occasion of the release of the Michelin Guide 2019, the year before the third star, he was given the "Sustainable Gastronomy Award", a first in the history of the Red Guide.

"Exciting, thrilling, captivating : the ocean is a real passion to me. It's my life! It has made me who I am and is part of my daily life. I like to know each and every rock, the different fish, crustacean or coral species of my region. It's also important for me to preach for sustainable fishing and to be involved in the protection of the oceans and its fauna. That is what makes me feel alive… That's where my mind can unplug. This blue so deep, so relaxing, this beautiful nature allows me live a happy and fulfilling life. It is my grandfather, André Coutanceau, who taught me everything. This man whom I loved and admired, passed down to me his passion for fishing and the observation of the sea. Upon our return from fishing trips, my grandmother Guiguitte would cook like a seasoned chef our daily catch: fish, crustaceans or shellfish. By the way, I give her 3 stars ! This is the reason I wanted to become a great chef and true fisherman. It is thanks to my story, my family and all the love they gave me. In my daily life, the sea and fishing bring me respect for our resources. These raw materials that make this magical place: a treasure without price. I love leaving in the morning, early, with one or a few friends, to explore the deep sea, to fish within the rules of the art and find the strict necessity to enjoy and share these sea candies. This represents for me a formidable reservoir of expression, from which I draw every day to give to my clients the best through my cuisine. I love to transmit this culture to my team and especially to my customers. They are the ones who offer the luxury to practice my two passions : cooking and fishing."

Christopher COUTANCEAU