A marine-themed bistro capturing the spirit of the times


Christopher Coutanceau and Nicolas Brossard opened their marine-themed bistro during the summer of 2018, in the premises adjoining their gastronomic Michelin three-star restaurant, on La Concurrence Beach at the very heart of La Rochelle. La Yole de Chris, named after the traditional, charming narrow skiff, invites you to relax by the ocean and enjoy wood-fired culinary delights, catch-of-the-day, seafood and shellfish imagined and interpreted in their purest form. Whether you choose the wind-sheltered terrace or our inside space, gathered around long festive wooden tables, La Yole is open all day from breakfast through to evening dinner, for back-from-the-beach gourmet snacks or sipping cocktails while you watch the sun set. In 2020, the Michelin Guide awarded La Yole de Chris a Michelin plate as well as its new green “sustainable gastronomy” emblem.


Christopher Coutanceau & Nicolas Brossard


Christopher Coutanceau and Nicolas Brossard, who have been partnering for over 10 years now, are the complementary and inseparable owners of the Michelin three-star marine-themed establishment as well as La Yole de Chris. Christopher, passionate about the sea and a sailor since childhood, is a fervent advocate of sustainable fishing and zero-waste cuisine. When the 2019 Michelin Guide was published, the year before their third star, the chef was honoured with Michelin’s Sustainable Gastronomy award. Nicolas, "the master of the House", driven by a passion for gastronomy and fine wines, forged his talents in the most reputed French establishments, including Lucas Carton in Paris and the Louis XV in Monaco. Cheerful and considerate, with a desire for perfection and wishing to please guests at all times, he loves sharing wonderful tales about wines, their terroir and the people who make them.

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