The menu







Smelts    17€

Iberian cold cuts    16€

Marinated sardine tart    22€

Seasonal shellfish with lemon butter    18€

Catch of the day gravlax, beetroot and fig    22€

Scotch egg, girolle mushrooms and ossetra caviar    28€




Main courses



Freshly-caught sole    €39

Meagre    €26

Lobster linguine    €38

Hand-chopped French beef (VBF) tartare 170g    €25

Cooked in our wood-fired oven

Red tuna    €26

Blue lobster   €76 / 650 g

Iberian pluma    €26

Aged rib-eye steak (meat of French origin)    €29


Additional garnishes (6 without the dish)

Homemade French fries

Green salad





Mouclade    €19

Marinière   €17

Choice of side





profiterole    €13

“Excellence” dark chocolate wispy mousse / coffee / fleur de sel   €13

Strawberry and tarragon pavlova    €13

Fig and blackcurrant charlotte    13€

Cognac baba, berries    13€

Gourmet coffee    €13


Ice creams sundae €13

Café Liégeois ; Chocolate Liégeois ; Rétaise Cake ; Colonel ; Dame Blanche (vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and whipped cream)


Ice creams and sorbets

2 scoops    6€

Cappuccino, Intense dark chocolate, Bourbon vanilla, Fleur de sel Caramel, Lemon, Mango, raspberry, strawberry, pistachio




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Gillardeau n°3 special    3€ pièce

Cocktail de la Cabane Océane N°4     2€ pièce


Platter (1 person)

4 oysters, shellfish, 5 langoustines,3 prawns, whelks, periwinkles, 1/2 spider crab    48€

Shellfish Platter (1 person)

1/2 spider crab, 7 langoustines, 8 prawns,bay shrimp    46€

Royal Platter (1 person)

4 oysters, shellfish, 1/2 spider crab, whelks,5 langoustines, 4 prawns, 1/2 lobster,periwinkles, clams, bay shrimp  73€

Chef’s selection (1 person)

3 oysters, shellfish, 3 langoustines,3 prawns, whelks, periwinkles, clams    35€


Shellfish and seafood



Clams    15€

Langoustines “en buisson” mayonnaise    27€

Spider crab    17€

Whelks mayonnaise   13€

Periwinkles   10€

Bellevue lobster    75€

Half - Bellevue lobster    37€

Bouquet of prawns (Organic, Red Label)    15€

Bay shrimps    10€


Nicolas Brossard's selection includes some 70 references to just simply enjoy, as well as a wide choice of wine-by-the-glass to vary pleasures and accompany each dish.

All regions of France are proposed à la carte, in particular delicious local treasures, as well as a selection of references from the finest international vineyards.

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