An oceanfront trendy table

La Yole de Chris opened in summer 2018, overlooking the Concurrence beach, close to La Rochelle center city. La Yole, named after this local beautiful fishing skiff, serves products from the ocean, seafood and shells. It's in front of the sea where we come together to share a friendly plancha and wood-fired cuisine, the catch of the day, hand-selected at the fish market every morning.

On the terrace, protected from the wind or inside, gathered around long wooden tables, La Yole is opened all day from breakfast until dinner time, for an afternoon snack or a cocktail viewing the sunset.

In 2020, the Michelin guide awarded “une assiette » to La Yole de Chris, as well as the green badge "Commitment to sustainable gastronomy".

Christopher Coutanceau & Nicolas Brossard

Partners for more than 10 years, Christopher Coutanceau and Nicolas Brossard are the complementary and inseparable owners of the Michelin three-star seaside setting as well as La Yole de Chris.

Christopher, a sea passionate and sailer since his childhood, is a fervent advocate of sustainable fishing and anti-waste cuisine. The "cook-fisherman" attends the fishmarket auction every morning, where he thoroughly selects the most beautiful  seasonal fish and shellfish. In 2019, the chef was awarded the prize for sustainable gastronomy by the Michelin guide.

Nicolas, "the master of the house" and sommelier, is a passionate about gastronomy. He was trained in the most famous French restaurants, including Lucas Carton in Paris and the Louis XV in Monaco. Smiling and sensitive, he loves to talk about the wines and tells beautiful stories about their terroir and the men behind. He is driven by his sense of perfection and the desire to please his guests.